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The Story Behind NebulaTM

/ A Nebula is a distinct body of interstellar clouds /

The philosophy behind Vape Nebula is  to provide smoothness and vibrancy. The base of our products rely on the energy and life our flavors bring; giving you a nebulous experience.

Product Category


1800 Puffs

Based on a scale from smallest to largest, asteroids are considered one of the smallest rocky formations in the Universe. 

NEBULA Asteroid  is our very first formation of our new smoky universe. 

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Zero 0%

2800 Puffs


Planets are the next biggest formations in the Universe, situated in our solar system orbiting the sun. 

NEBULA Planet  is our 2800 puffs creation.

1800 Puffs



The Atmosphere is what surrounds every celestial body in space. It is where time doesn't exist, freedom is infinite, and gravity becomes weaker. In the atmosphere, you are free.

NEBULA Atmosphere  is Nicotine Free. It is our Zero 0% Nicotine origination. 

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1300 Puffs



We welcome this new NEBULA product category to be part of our vaping universe. 

NEBULA Cometa is designated exclusively to Latin American countries.

5000 Puffs



 A galaxy is a large system of stars held together by mutual gravitation. In a galaxy, we can find asteroids, planets and comets; a few of our current formations.

NEBULA Galaxy  is our current biggest creation. It is our rechargeable device with a capacity of 5000 puffs.

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